Google Apps

With Google Apps, you can get the brilliant email solution you love along with the information sharing and security you need in a business email system. We’ll help you set up a Google Apps system that works for your entire team. It’s low cost, it’s brilliantly easy to use, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy using your business email as much as you do your personal one.

It’s no surprise that Gmail is one of the most popular business email providers among individuals today. It’s pretty likely that you use Gmail yourself as a personal email account, and that you wish your business email account were half as easy to use.


Now it is through Google Apps Email support.


Google Apps includes:

  • Superior spam protection – Eliminate the chance of accidentally opening that spam offer that infected your entire company’s network with one of the best spam filters available today

  • Huge storage capacity – With 25 GB per user, you can keep all of your important emails and archive any that you know you’ll refer to again and again

  • All-in-one communications – You’ll get email, instant messaging, and high-quality voice and audio capabilities in a single application

  • Search that works – Most business emails are incredibly frustrating to search. Google search technology is built in to your email, so you can find one key word in a sea of emails.

  • Customizable information policies – You’ll be able to make sure only certain designated people see that sensitive company information, inbound or outbound.

  • Corporate email records – With Postini, you can search and recover all corporate emails for up to 10 years, invaluable when you’re missing information from an employee who’s no longer there

  • No hardware or software installs – Google runs your servers, you run your business

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – Need we say more?


If you’re interested in switching your email over to a superior, enjoyable to use alternative, we can help you do that seamlessly with no stress and no downtime. Give us a call today and we’ll have you enjoying a better email solution in no time.



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Michele Bonham
Office Manager
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